Meet ‘n’ Greet

Dear International Students, Welcome to Stuttgart!

We are AEGEE-Stuttgart and we’re organizing events for you guys to get to know us, each other and the city of Stuttgart! For the start, we will do a “Meet ‘n’ Greet” with you, where we will “break the ice” by first playing some group games outside in the park. Later we will go inside the Unithekle to chat and share a drink! The bar also has good and affordable food, in case you didn’t have time to eat before.


When? Thursday, March 2nd, 16:30 pm – Be on time for a free Welcome Drink!

Where? “The UFO” at Campus Vaihingen, in front of Unithekle Campus Bar (

What to bring? Clothes warm enough to stay outside a little while, cash money (the bar doesn’t take cards!)

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