Schönbuch Brewery Tour 

Dear Erasmus and International Students,

Have you ever wondered why German people are so crazy for beer? Do you know what makes German beer special and how it is brewed? Join our Brewery Tour and get to know the art of brewery! We will gain insight into all processes related to the production of Schönbuch beers. We will have a look at the brewhouse, the fermenting room, filtration, bottling etc. The tour also includes a beer tasting from the storage tank and in the end you will receive a beer glass as a souvenir!

After the tour we will go to the Brauhaus next to the Brewery to have dinner and to taste some more Schönbuch beers!  Check out the Schönbuch Menu here!

When?  Tuesday, March 21st, 17:10 pm (We take the S-Bahn to Böblingen at 17:15)
Where? Deutsche Bahn Ticket Office Campus Vaihingen,


When?  Tuesday, March 21st, 17:45 pm – Be on time for the registration and a free welcome beer from the brewery!

Where? In front of the Schönbuch Brauhaus, Lange Str. 20, 71032 Böblingen (not Stuttgart!)Costs? 10€

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